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Recycling Zychal featured in the first spot for Treehugger.com’s Pet Lover Edition of their Annual Green Holiday Gift Guide

Treehugger.com agrees, our Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats are the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!

We were absolutely FLOORED when we saw that Treehugger.com chose our Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats as the Top Gift to buy your Animal Loving Friend this Holiday!

Be sure to check it out (even if its just to zoom in on my pug Betty’s smoosh face) along with the other awesome gifts they put the spotlight on, such as these super cool Shea Butter Pet Shampoos, these awesome Recycled Vintage Brass Dog Tags fashioned by another Etsian and this strangely intriguing Elephant Poo Paper (my aunt collects Elephant themed items, so this is actually on my list, hopefully it’s a hit with her!)