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New HOODs are HERE!

We’ve been using our HOODs day in and day out here in Philadelphia, the weather has just been awful here, but after this summer, I’m definitively not complaining! Plus it’s given me some time to think about some new looks and products and this new “babushka style” HOOD!

New Babushka Style Tie Option for Our Upcycled Umbrella HOODs

I went back to my Polish roots, incorporating fabric ties in the front similar to a true babushka for the new style of HOODs now available in our store and for just $26 with  the lining option included!

Great for riding your bike in the chilly nights or foggy mornings that we know and love about Fall. Get a matching Dog Coat and HOOD combo for your pooch’s morning walk on a misty day where it’s just not enough to go full on hoodie. Fits easily in your back pocket or fashionably wear like a bandana around your neck (thats what I do) for efficiency and convenience. Cure the “Flash Storm” paranoia you get right after you spend 40 minutes doing your hair, trust me, I’ve been there; these HOODs do the trick and save your hair from what could turn out to be an ultimate disaster and it fits in your pocketbook with ease!

10% off good until Halloween, use code 10HOODOWEENSKI in a message after purchase 🙂


Recycling Zychal featured in the CityPaper!

Hey everyone, if you are in the Philadelphia area, today is your last day to pick up one of the CityPapers featuring Recycling Zychal in it!

On the 38th page you will see the article, please feel free to cut it out and magnetize it to your fridge Roseanne style.

Julia West wrote a fantastic little article about my obsession with broken umbrellas, what I make from them and even gave readers a call to action to donate! I love it!

Even if you are out of the Philadelphia are, you can still check out the article on the CityPaper website

Things have been steadily busy over here at RZ HQ and we’ve been prepping for our favorite broken umbrella season which is quickly approaching! Just a reminder that if you have any broken umbrellas to donate, you can check out the tutorial I made to make sending them easier and cheaper for you, and that video is located here

We’ve also been getting alot of inquiries about wholesale which is so awesome and welcome any interested stores to contact us to do a special one of a kind line for their boutique! All wholesale orders are custom made and no 2 are ever the same because one-of-a-kind is not an option here at Recycling Zychal, its the standard! 😀

Join Recycling Zychal and Urban Outfitters for the Go Green Craft Market TOMORROW!

Ahh Earth Day, not only is it our first BIRTHDAY (!!!!) but it’s overall just the greatest day ever! A day where no matter what you believe, where you live, who are are- you can do something nice for the ground underneath you! If you are in the Philadelphia area and you’ve always wanted to go see the famous URBN HQ, then this is certainly your chance.

We’ve been invited to participate in the Go Green Craft Fair as a Guest Artist to sell some products and demoing how to strip a broken umbrella! I will be selling custom hand made Upcycled Umbrella HOOD’s and Organic Cat Nip Filled Kitty Toys that help benefit City Kitties Rescue in West Philly! We’ll also be doing a raffle to win a custom made Upcycled Umbrella Dog Coat! So come on out to the Navy Yard and get your green on!!

Another Day in the life of Recycling Zychal- Inventory Photoshoot in Hyperspeed

In the second installment of Day in the life of Recycling Zychal, upcycling obsessed designer Taryn Zychal gives you an insider view of the creative process at work. Using a large 7.5′ PVC pole covered in $1 IKEA carpets- a handmade super sized cat scratch post of sorts that she made for her cat Rhoda- some tape and a chair, Taryn mounted her Flip Camera to the top to give an all inclusive aerial view of the inventory photoshoot process.

Recycling Zychal's inventory photoshoot of new broken umbrellas to go on sale next week!

We will be color correcting and putting up the umbrellas that you see in this video over the weekend on our store site, www.recyclingzychal.etsy.com so be sure to check them out! This is one of our greatest batches to date!

Again you will see all 3 pugs in this video and if you watch closely, you will also see an appearance by Rhoda herself.

Set to the music of Digitalism, this video should surely get your creative juices flowing.

Recycling Zychal stripping broken umbrellas in action, in hyperspeed

Check out our new video on YouTube that shows Taryn Zychal and Aaron Stampa, the founders of Recycling Zychal, stripping a large load of broken umbrellas in hyperspeed… pugs included!

Watch as Taryn and Aaron, founders of Recycling Zychal, strip broken umbrellas in HYPERSPEED

If you are on YouTube, be sure to subscribe to the Recycling Zychal Channel for more DIY’s, How-To’s and cool time lapsed work in progress videos!

Stay tuned to our Etsy store this week for brand new awesome broken umbrellas going up for sale, some that you have seen in this very video!

And if you haven’t already entered our Upcycled Umbrella Dog Coat Giveaway on Pawesome, you should definitely do that, drawing ends Friday March 19th!! You also still have time to win a one-of-a-kind, custom, first-of-a-kind Upcycled Umbrella Handbag, (yes a stylish eco-friendly handbag/purse made from broken umbrella nylon, personally designed by Taryn Zychal herself and worth $50) by voting and commenting here. New Spring fashion for free!

It’s Springtime and we are giving away a classic and a future classic for FREE!

It’s Spring! It’s almost our 1 year anniversary here at Recycling Zychal and to celebrate we are giving away a classic and a future classic for FREE!!!

Win a free custom made Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat from Recycling Zychal and Pawesome!

Pawsome is hosting a contest to give away one of our very own custom made Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats, so keep your pooch dry this Spring with an eco-friendly and stylish hand made canine coat!

And have you heard that we’ve extended our Upcycled Umbrella Handbag Contest, so now you have until April 1st (no joke!!) to win the first ever,  one-of-a-kind,  custom handmade Upcycled Umbrella Handbag worth over $50! All you have to do is vote in our user poll and leave a comment with your thoughts on whether or not Recycling Zychal should start making handbags from broken umbrellas. Your vote COUNTS, so please vote, tell your friends, tell your co-workers, your family, everyone you know! I’m leaving this decision up to the people that matter most, YOU!

Be sure to check back for more updates by following us on the blog, our twitter, youtube, facebook and myspace! And definitely don’t forget to check out Recycling Zychal’s spotlight on Inhabitat, one of my favorite green culture design blogs!

Make Philly with Carrie Collins

Mexican Wrestling Mask made from reclaimed scraps

Today, one of my best umbrella rescuers, Vinnie, and I attended Make Philly’s presentation with Carrie Collins, who, if you don’t know about, you should. Carrie is the founder and designer behind Fabric Horse, which, like Recycling Zychal, is an environmentally friendly softgoods company in Philadelphia. Fabric Horse is known for their involvement in the bike culture here in Philadelphia and their most well known product is a U-Lock Holster made from reclaimed seat belts. Genius.

I’ve always looked up to Fabric Horse as a company because they value the same things that I do such as the handmade revival, things being made in the USA, customizable, environmentally conscious, and relishing function over anything. Like me and Vinnie, Carrie is an Industrial designer by trade, and I feel that it shows and makes a big difference in her work.

The 30 minute Makers Challenge this time was to make something wearable from the scraps of fabric that Carrie brought from her studio. Vinnie and I made a Mexican Wrestling Mask named “Salsa Libre” (because I know I LOVE free salsa!). It was inspired by the short time limit as well as a mariachi record that Aaron, my fiancee, bought by The Bronx, which featured a mask graphic.

Vinnie in the Mexican Wrestling Mask

Overall, we had a really great time and I know that I for one, cannot wait until tomorrow morning’s 60 degree AM rainstorm. I’m waking up early to go look for inventory. If anyone sees a broken umbrella in the Philadelphia are tomorrow and you are too skeeved out to pick it up and save it for me, please just leave a message at HQ letting us know where it is and what it looks like and one of us will go out and get it.

Recycling Zychal HeadQuarters: 1-888-472-2912


Recycling Zychal in GRID Magazine available online!

If you live outside of the Philadelphia area and cannot get a hard copy of February’s issue of GRID, you can now view the whole issue online on http://www.gridphilly.com

The feature on Recycling Zychal is on page 8 and there are some other great articles in this month’s magazine, including a review on the different vegetarian takes on bahn mi, or the Vietnamese “hoagie” as most know it. Although I am a vegan, I was drooling over these and am definitely going to attempt to veganize it (maybe a future post?).

New year, big news!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Claire Connelly, a writer at Philadelphia’s very own sustainable culture publication, GRID. I’ve been fairly obsessed with GRID ever since I saw the first issue at the Good Karma Cafe, which is right around the corner from my house. She and I wound up getting coffee and talking about Scranton (I grew up there, she attended school there and is a former member of The Swims, a popular NEPA band) and of course, Recycling Zychal. I am so super excited to announce that I will be featured in the Profiles section of February’s GRID Magazine! I would love it for each and everyone of you to make it to the launch party next Monday if you are in the Philadelphia area. Drink and app specials and of course your monthly dose of Philadelphia-Green-Goodness, so come on out, grab some brews and do some trash talking with me 😉

GRID Magazine's 11th Issue, featuring me! 😀

GRID Magazines February Launch Party

Monday 1/18/10  5-8pm

The Abbaye 3rd and Fairmount, Philadelphia

$3 drafts and 1/2 off appetizers

some photos from this past week!

We have been totally SWAMPED here at Recycling Zychal HQ and by swamped I mean crazy swamped! We hit a new high selling record in November that definitely set the tone for the holiday season and we are still getting piles of orders, on top of that, we have received more umbrella donations and have had more storms here in Philadelphia this month which lead to an absolute boom in inventory. It’s been an unbelievable month!

I have been so busy sewing, doing photoshoots, talking to the press and handling shipping that I’ve had basically no time to blog, which makes me sad. What I have had time to do is post some photos of a few of the shoots we did with my pugs and a photo of Aaron rescuing an umbrella.

Betty modeling a very special dog coat I did for a woman in Canada!

Jake modeling a brown and blue plaid hooded coat, one of my all time favorites

Jake modeling a solid yellow coat with red eco-fi felt lining, I love the contrast of this one

Hurley's photo came out blurry, but how cute does he look in this plaid hooded coat!?

This may be my last post of the year (I am taking a much needed vacation the week between xmas and nye) and if that’s the case, I would like to thank everyone for helping out this year with everything at RZ and I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy and happy new year! We have TONS of new products launching early in 2010 that will surely have you questioning how anyone could throw a beautiful broken umbrella in the trash, and I will be updating the inventory withing the next 2 days, so new umbrellas await!