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Recycling Zychal featured in the first spot for Treehugger.com’s Pet Lover Edition of their Annual Green Holiday Gift Guide

Treehugger.com agrees, our Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats are the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!

We were absolutely FLOORED when we saw that Treehugger.com chose our Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats as the Top Gift to buy your Animal Loving Friend this Holiday!

Be sure to check it out (even if its just to zoom in on my pug Betty’s smoosh face) along with the other awesome gifts they put the spotlight on, such as these super cool Shea Butter Pet Shampoos, these awesome Recycled Vintage Brass Dog Tags fashioned by another Etsian and this strangely intriguing Elephant Poo Paper (my aunt collects Elephant themed items, so this is actually on my list, hopefully it’s a hit with her!)


Recycling Zychal in GRID Magazine available online!

If you live outside of the Philadelphia area and cannot get a hard copy of February’s issue of GRID, you can now view the whole issue online on http://www.gridphilly.com

The feature on Recycling Zychal is on page 8 and there are some other great articles in this month’s magazine, including a review on the different vegetarian takes on bahn mi, or the Vietnamese “hoagie” as most know it. Although I am a vegan, I was drooling over these and am definitely going to attempt to veganize it (maybe a future post?).

New year, big news!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Claire Connelly, a writer at Philadelphia’s very own sustainable culture publication, GRID. I’ve been fairly obsessed with GRID ever since I saw the first issue at the Good Karma Cafe, which is right around the corner from my house. She and I wound up getting coffee and talking about Scranton (I grew up there, she attended school there and is a former member of The Swims, a popular NEPA band) and of course, Recycling Zychal. I am so super excited to announce that I will be featured in the Profiles section of February’s GRID Magazine! I would love it for each and everyone of you to make it to the launch party next Monday if you are in the Philadelphia area. Drink and app specials and of course your monthly dose of Philadelphia-Green-Goodness, so come on out, grab some brews and do some trash talking with me 😉

GRID Magazine's 11th Issue, featuring me! 😀

GRID Magazines February Launch Party

Monday 1/18/10  5-8pm

The Abbaye 3rd and Fairmount, Philadelphia

$3 drafts and 1/2 off appetizers

Recycling Zychal has Stylestance!

I woke up this lovely Monday morning to a great little article on Stylestance about my HOODs!

A big thank you to Linda of Stylestance for writing about my HOOD and suggesting her readers donate their broken umbrellas to Recycling Zychal!

Just a reminder to everyone, for every broken umbrella donated after November 1st, $1 will be donated to the Morris Animal Refuge here in Center City Philadelphia as part of our program, Flora Fauna Function! Our goal is to donate $100 by Christmas so that all the animals feel the holiday spirit. We’ve got a ways to go to get to our goal, but I believe that it will pick up once more people find out about what Recycling Zychal does with broken, discarded, landfill-bound broken umbrellas and how donating one can help an animal in need! Please let your friends, families and coworkers about Flora Fauna Function, because I’m sure that someone out there has a broken umbrella looking for a new life!

Flora Fauna Function

For every broken umbrella donated to RZ, we donate $1 to an animal shelter!