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Incase you haven’t noticed all the pink, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Fellow females, you are never too young to get a mammogram, stay informed about your lady bumps, get checked!

…And while you’re booking your appointment,  check out this terrific treasury on Etsy by user BuySomeLove that features all Breast Cancer Themed Products, including our Breast Cancer Ribbon Broken Umbrella Shell that can be transformed into a custom made dog coat, a eco chic women’s rain HOOD, a cat toy or anything else your little heart desires! Shoot me an alchemy request to make a custom product!



Eco Fi Felt now fully stocked with new colors to choose from!

Eco Fi Felt!

You might be wondering why in the world I’m posting something about felt when there’s a killer heat wave going on outside, but I am so stoked about all the new colors we just got in that I couldn’t wait! Plus Eco-Fi Felt is not like Wool felt; it breathes and is light and airy when you need it to be, snug and insulating when you need it to be, and always 100% eco friendly, vegan and awesome!

Also, we will be putting up some new umbrellas this week with a photoshoot scheduled for tomorrow, we’re all super excited about that over here at RZ HQ! To see how much fun we have doing a photoshoot, check out this video of a former photoshoot that we did all DIY style, pugs included!