About Recycling Zychal

Strummer in her custom made Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coat by Recycling Zychal

Recycling Zychal is an eco-conscious Philadelphia based start up focused on the rescue and repurpose of broken umbrellas. Once rescued, the umbrellas are upcycled into handsome goods for your pets and friends. Current items include modern day babushkas called HOODs, Organic Cat Filled Kitty Toys that help out local animal welfare organizations, and of course, the most popular item, the Upcycled Umbrella Dog Rain Coats.

Recycling Zychal has received much press and attention from the media for their innovative and luxurious repurpose of what would have been trash, and has been featured on/in The Toronto Globe and Mail, TreeHugger, Inhabitat, PeoplePETS, Los Angeles Chronicle, CNBC, GirlyGirlArmy, 1DesignPerDay, Fox News, GRID Magazine, Readymade Magazine, the Philadelphia CityPaper, Philadelphia Weekly, and has also been scheduled to be published in a new book about green living.


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