A Day in the Life of Recycling Zychal: Umbrella Stripping in HyperSpeed- Not what you think

It’s no news that you’ve seen us in the trash diving in to rescue broken umbrellas.

Saving broken umbrellas from the landfill, one trash can at a time

You’ve also seen our photos from when we go out and brave the storm for them, but in this new category called, A Day in the Life of Recycling Zychal, you will see just how we take these busted up, broken umbrellas and turn them into the stylish products we sell over at our etsy store. From the hecticness of the umbrella hunt and rescue itself to the long days at the cleaners washing them clean, to surveying and taking inventory. We are still a small enough company that mostly everything is done by our team, which you will get to know and love through out the series.

Be sure to check out the Broken Umbrella Stripping Video starring Taryn and Aaron, the founders of Recycling Zychal!

The Real House Pugs of Recycling Zychal, Betty, Jake and their protical son, Hurley

Making their YouTube debut in this not sexually charged Stripping Vid, you will see my 3 pugs, of whom some of you will recognize as my models on RecyclingZychal.Etsy.Com. It’s very hard to tell Jake and Hurley (father and son) part and they are both black pugs, but Betty (the mother), my fawn with the limp side tongue that everyone loves, is quite easy to identify.

And just in case you missed this article on Core77, my favorite product design blog of all time, SVA teacher, design author and dog lover, Russell Flinchum talks about his relationship with design and his pug! Hooray for pug lovin’ designers!


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