Make Philly with Carrie Collins

Mexican Wrestling Mask made from reclaimed scraps

Today, one of my best umbrella rescuers, Vinnie, and I attended Make Philly’s presentation with Carrie Collins, who, if you don’t know about, you should. Carrie is the founder and designer behind Fabric Horse, which, like Recycling Zychal, is an environmentally friendly softgoods company in Philadelphia. Fabric Horse is known for their involvement in the bike culture here in Philadelphia and their most well known product is a U-Lock Holster made from reclaimed seat belts. Genius.

I’ve always looked up to Fabric Horse as a company because they value the same things that I do such as the handmade revival, things being made in the USA, customizable, environmentally conscious, and relishing function over anything. Like me and Vinnie, Carrie is an Industrial designer by trade, and I feel that it shows and makes a big difference in her work.

The 30 minute Makers Challenge this time was to make something wearable from the scraps of fabric that Carrie brought from her studio. Vinnie and I made a Mexican Wrestling Mask named “Salsa Libre” (because I know I LOVE free salsa!). It was inspired by the short time limit as well as a mariachi record that Aaron, my fiancee, bought by The Bronx, which featured a mask graphic.

Vinnie in the Mexican Wrestling Mask

Overall, we had a really great time and I know that I for one, cannot wait until tomorrow morning’s 60 degree AM rainstorm. I’m waking up early to go look for inventory. If anyone sees a broken umbrella in the Philadelphia are tomorrow and you are too skeeved out to pick it up and save it for me, please just leave a message at HQ letting us know where it is and what it looks like and one of us will go out and get it.

Recycling Zychal HeadQuarters: 1-888-472-2912



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