some photos from this past week!

We have been totally SWAMPED here at Recycling Zychal HQ and by swamped I mean crazy swamped! We hit a new high selling record in November that definitely set the tone for the holiday season and we are still getting piles of orders, on top of that, we have received more umbrella donations and have had more storms here in Philadelphia this month which lead to an absolute boom in inventory. It’s been an unbelievable month!

I have been so busy sewing, doing photoshoots, talking to the press and handling shipping that I’ve had basically no time to blog, which makes me sad. What I have had time to do is post some photos of a few of the shoots we did with my pugs and a photo of Aaron rescuing an umbrella.

Betty modeling a very special dog coat I did for a woman in Canada!

Jake modeling a brown and blue plaid hooded coat, one of my all time favorites

Jake modeling a solid yellow coat with red eco-fi felt lining, I love the contrast of this one

Hurley's photo came out blurry, but how cute does he look in this plaid hooded coat!?

This may be my last post of the year (I am taking a much needed vacation the week between xmas and nye) and if that’s the case, I would like to thank everyone for helping out this year with everything at RZ and I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy and happy new year! We have TONS of new products launching early in 2010 that will surely have you questioning how anyone could throw a beautiful broken umbrella in the trash, and I will be updating the inventory withing the next 2 days, so new umbrellas await!


One response to “some photos from this past week!

  1. I wish I know how to make dress for my dogs as well. My favorite color is yellow, but the plaid hooded coat is more interesting for me. It would look perfect on my shih tzu.

    See next year and thanks as well for sharing your blog with us.

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