Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this merry time of year, we have been completely swamped over here at Recycling Zychal Headquarters, but we wouldn’t want it ANY other way! 🙂 I just want to take this time to thank everyone that helped to support Recycling Zychal this year whether it was by purchasing an item, donating a broken umbrella, texting me a tip about a broken umbrella in Philly, writing about me on their blog, posting me in their treasury on etsy, telling a friend about the company, helping me organize; whatever the case, I honestly appreciate each and every little bit of help that many of you have given me! In a few days before things get back to crazy over here, I’m going to start doing little profiles on some of the outstanding people who have helped me collect broken umbrellas over the past year, perhaps it will inspire you to become an Umbrella Rescuer in 2010! 🙂

happy holidays from all of us at Recycling Zychal!


One response to “Happy Holidays Everyone!

  1. Thank you for the greetings. With your tips I was able to fix and reuse my old and broken umbrellas. Now I don’t need to buy and I was surprise how many umbrellas I have now.

    Happy Holidays.

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